B&b La Concordia

The philosophy of our B&B has its roots in antiquity, the name recalls the Temple of Concordia in Akragas, in the valley of the temples of the modern Agrigento, where the owner was born. The position of B&B is dominant and panoramic, surrounded by the greenery and uncontaminated nature of the Tuscan hills. It is no coincidence that Concordia is synonymous with Peace; the silent place allows you to restore yourself and find inner peace, meditate, relax and take long walks in the greenery on foot or on horseback. But Concordia also means “free conformity of wishes and feelings between several people”: the swimming pool, the barbecue area and the buffet breakfast on the splendid patio overlooking the pool create situations of conviviality and joy.

25 Ville street, Serravalle P.se

phone  +39 3383443881

e-mail: beblaconcordia@gmail.com