CAI 817 trail Cantagrillo – Vinacciano – CAI 800 conjunction – Cantagrillo

Length: 11.5km (circular route)
Duration 5.20 hours
Difference in altitude: ascent 380, descent 380
Partial walking time Cantagrillo – Vinacciano – CAI 800 : 3.20 hours
Partial walking time CAI 800 – Cantagrillo: 2.00 hours

The path begins near House of the Quarterdeck (also called Gargani) and then continues on an asphalt road (Gabbellini street) until reaching a dirt path at the edge of the forest that runs along the Vinacciano stream. Going up you will reach a house (number 15) fronted by a large pine tree. At that point, turning left onto a grassy road that climbs steeply, you go around the medieval village of Vinacciano. The path reaches a crossroads and turns right, going down towards Collina and Pontelungo until you reach the ruins of the Convent of S.Mary of Grace (380 metres above sea level).
Continuing, you can see Cassero landfill on our right and Vinacciano on the left; then the road descends with wide bends and passes an area cultivated with intensive nurseries, where the circular route ends. Now we have to walk backwards the path to Cantagrillo.