CAI 800 trail Serravalle Pass – Le Rocchine – San Baronto

Starting point: Serravalle Pass        Destination: S.Baronto

Length: 15km (one way)
Duration: one way 5.40 hours, return 5.20 hours
Difference in altitude: ascent approximately 550m, descent approximately 320m

The path starts from Arco di Serravalle and goes towards the farmhouse Casetta Niconi until it reaches a big country house with a beautiful view (Cà del Monte, 408 metres above sea level). Continuing, you climb to the ridge along a small path that initially descends steeply and then climbs up to Poggio Belvedere. At that point you continue straight, crossing woods, vineyards, olive groves, admiring Montevettolini.

Keep going towards C. Topi until you go down near the main road (SP 27 which connects Cantagrillo with Montevettolini and Monsummano). Following the itinerary, merge onto a dirt road which goes up, with wide hairpin bends, on the north side of Monte Cupoli and arrives in the locality of Casa al Vento (310 metres above sea level) and goes down to the destination. Going forward, the path goes down on a paved street that leads to the village of San Baronto, right in front of the church.