CAI 800 E 821A trail From Serravalle to Vinacciano

Starting point: Serravalle Pass            Destination: Vinacciano
Length: 6 km (one way)

Duration: outward journey 2.30 hours, return 2.00 hours
Difference in altitude: ascent 200 m descent 50 m

Near Arco di Serravalle area, take Monte street. The CAI 800 signs are clearly visible on the wall where the directions for Case Fermi – Case Montirici – San Baronto are indicated. We proceed steadily uphill on asphalt for 750 metres, then turn right into Poggio Cala street along CAI 800 path. Continue until the end of the asphalt road, keeping right onto a small dirt road flanked by a double row of oak trees. After the slight climb, at the crossroads with a cart track, we keep left and always follow the red and white CAI signs, to turn right uphill onto the asphalt road near a hairpin bend. Thus we come across the Casetta-Niconi farm, a beautiful stone complex located in an excellent position. We continue straight and we turn left along path 821A near a crossroads with CAI signs. After 900 metres, at the next crossroads, you still keep left downhill through a dense forest, where there are mainly pines, chestnuts and locust trees.

After about 300 metres, at the next crossroads, continue to the right, leaving CAI 821A path. Proceed downhill for another 500 metres, covering an initial stretch with a stone surface, then on a slight slope, crossing two small ditches (generally devoid of water during the summer season) until you exit the woods and come across a wide track. Turn left until the end of the dirt road and then right to quickly reach the small village of Vinacciano. From the small square in front of the church it is possible to admire a wide panorama of the city and the plain below.