CAI 31 trail

Starting point: Passo di Serravalle Pistoiese                Destination: Castellina
Duration : one way: an hour and forty minutes ; return an hour and twenty minutes
Difference in height: climb 300 m descent 50 m

The trail starts at the Pass of Serravalle (m.132) along the 435 SS , that is Lucchese street, where a small staircase leads into a track. So you go up the medieval village and you continue until the town hall and the Church of Saint Stephen and than the New Fortress. Turn on the right in della Pace street and Go up between fields and olive trees until an iron cross with a carved stone. Continue on the right side until a dirt road. Shortly you arrive in Serrina Bassa and than beyond an old washtub, you are  in Castellina (m.380 ).