Spazio Zero – Contemporary Art

“Spazio Zero | Contemporary Art” is a cultural space dedicated to all of the types of culture and to the infinite possibilities of multidisciplinarity. In the spring of 2019, “Conflitti e Armonie” art exhibition was organized  in the frescoed rooms of Palazzo Comunale in Pistoia by Luigi Petracchi and it provided examples for reflection about the concept of inclusive and closed society, ending up focusing on the importance of a “plural city” capable of accommodating the needs of the community starting from the cultural aspects that govern daily reality. So the idea of creating an open, multipurpose and plural exhibition space, with the aim of creating a place in which art can manifest itself in its innumerable forms, bringing a cultural novelty capable of spreading to the Serravalle Pistoiese area was born from these reflections. 

In this sense, the exhibition is in continuity with the first debates and closes the circle of the conferences held within Conflicts and Harmonies, concretizing the perspectives that emerged: Harmonia Mundi as a synthesis and agreement of opposites that attract and repel each other, producing Progress and germinations of infinite ideas; Harmonia Mundi as overcoming the limits and destroying the chains that keep Man anchored to a static reality; Harmonia Mundi as dialectics and dynamism in the broad spectrum of the possible and the infinite facets of contemporary arts and contemporary culture.
“Spazio Zero | Contemporary Art” aims to be a starting point for a review of the ways of thinking and organizing a cultural space that is open to the forms of culture, that is innovative in the name of versatility and the infinite possibilities of multidisciplinarity.
“Zero” as a restart but also as rebirth and rediscovery, as well as a debut from a “zero level” aimed at the growth and valorization of the current and future artistic-cultural heritage.
“Zero” as a focal point, «ground zero», from which to produce and generate ideas.
Finally, “Zero” as added value and to be added from time to time to the present.