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Statute of Casale of 1415

Description The book describes the history of Casale in the XV century with the council statute, institutional organization and justice administration.     They have …

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Oratory of the Virgin Assunta’s company

Description The history of the oratory is here described from the building to the later alterations and its frescoes from the end of the XIV …

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San Ludovico from Tolosa

Description It describes the life of San Lodovico, his achievements until his role as Serravalle’s protector. The author has written about the traditions and festivals …

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Serravalle Pistoiese: a castle and its underground

Description The book allows us  to discover  Serravalle Pistoiese and its villages: it describes its historic phases  from the Medieval period to the XX century, …

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Statute and set of rules city of Serravalle Pistoiese 1417

Description The book represents a  trip down memory lane: it allows us to discover the history of  Serravalle in the XV century.  It shows us …

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  “Utopia”: Luigi Petracchi The title derives from the exhibition  of the artist Luigi Petracchi. He realized a mixture placement with 873 art works. We …

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News and historic documents about Casalguidi

Description In this book there are news and  historic documents about the history of the little village of Casalguidi, member of the municipality of  Serravalle. …

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Statute of Vinacciano of 1406

Description It is an interesting book about the past events, rules and life styles of the village of Vinacciano.  This one is an another member …

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Statute of Castellina of 1406

Description It is an historic book about the set of rules in the medieval village of Castellina, member of the municipality of  Serravalle. A In …

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